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Recovering from depression isn't easy. One of the hardest things is that you just don't know what to expect. It's not like healing from an injury. If you broke your arm, your doctor could give you specifics about your recovery. He or she could tell you -- at least roughly -- how many weeks you would need a cast and when you
In response to a recent post, Clinically Clueless commented that, for her, recovery was a process, not a destination. She needed to keep aware of it, like those recovering from addiction, in order to catch the signs of relapse. I've thought of recovery in a similar way, certainly not a state you arrive at and then take for granted.
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Recovery can take time and is different for everyone. As well as getting treatment underway, you'll need to find new ways to manage and live with the changes and challenges of anxiety and/or depression. While psychological and/or medical treatment can help with your recovery, there are many other ways you can help
The road to recovery from depression is long and, sadly, backwardly turning. The most effective treatment of this disease is the use of antidepressants. Some mysterious cause has brought ... It feels as though one has been in a darkened room day after day, shades drawn, room closed up. The room becomes cluttered as no
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This page contains Recovery Steps for mood disorders. ... Next Steps in Recovery. Depression and bipolar disorder are mood disorders—real physical illnesses that affect a person's moods, thoughts, body, energy, and emotions. Both illnesses, especially bipolar .... These may include the following: Mood stabilizers: These
Life After Depression. How to Thrive. What makes the difference. The research found that social support played a major role in achieving full mental health after depression. Having at least one trusted friend quadrupled the likelihood of a full recovery. Sometimes depression can make people feel as though they are just out
Well, I made a partial recovery after about 2 weeks (depression was gone but not the various side effects from the antidepressants I tried but had stopped back in early August; more on this alter) and a complete recovery after about 1 and half months. Maybe the depression had run its course, but let me just tell the story.

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